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Hilltoppers Swim Club
2014 Membership Dues

Family membership - $300
Includes immediate family living in the same household.

Single membership - $165
Includes individuals 18 years of age and older.

Junior membership - $200
Includes ages 10 - 17

Swim Team/Weekends Only membership - $100
Children 9 & under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

10 Passes - $50
Limit 2 sets per summer, per person.

Dues received on or after MAY 24, 2014 are subject to a $25 processing fee.This fee will help pay for supply costs.


All swim team members are free with the purchase of a pool membership. The pool memberships are listed above.

Swim Team/Weekends Only membership - $100


Saturday, May 3rd,10th & 17th
9am to 12pm

How do I get to Hilltoppers?

  • Just minutes from Columbia!
  • Hilltoppers is located south of Dupo atop a secluded hilltop.
  • Take Route 3 to Imbs Station Road, 1/4 mile and turn right at the Hilltoppers sign!

  • Hilltoppers is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, from 12pm to 7pm - 7 days a week.

    Call 618-799-8001 if you have any questions.

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